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Your gas appliances require specialized service from technicians who are trained and experienced in dealing with gas line repairs and installations.

Common Gas Line Problems
Common Problems
  • Cracked Seals: Ball joints seals used for gas line will dry out over time and crack. This issue is often difficult to diagnose without the help of a trained eye and.

  • Fittings Incorrectly Sized: Many times home owners try do the work themselves BUT many don’t do it correctly which can be dangerous. Fittings that are the wrong size will create numerous problems within the gas line like leaks.

  • Joint and Connector Issues: The most common issue often stems from age, deteriorating components such as the joints and connectors dried out, or get disturbed from other work around the gas line. They will wear out over time, corroding the protective layer and creating issues within the system.

  • Gas Leak Repair: Addressing and repairing leaks promptly to prevent potential hazards, including replacing faulty sections of gas lines.

  • Gas Line Upgrades: Replacing old, corroded, or undersized gas lines with new lines that meet current safety standards and capacity requirements.

  • Appliance Gas Connection Repair: Fixing issues with appliance gas connections, such as leaks or blockages, to ensure safe and efficient operation.

  • Gas Line Installation for New Construction: Designing and installing complete gas line systems in new homes, ensuring they meet local codes and regulations.

  • Gas Appliance Hook-Ups: Connecting stoves, ovens, grills, dryers, and water heaters to existing gas lines, including the installation of new gas lines as needed.

  • Outdoor Gas Lines: Installing gas lines for outdoor kitchens, barbecues, fire pits, and patio heaters, enhancing outdoor living spaces.

  • Generator Gas Lines: Setting up gas lines for standby generators, providing a reliable power source during outages.

Gas Line Replacement
Homeowners might need to install a new gas line for several reasons:
  • New Appliance Installation: If a homeowner buys new gas-powered appliances, such as a stove, oven, furnace, water heater, or clothes dryer, they might need a new gas line to supply these devices if the existing infrastructure isn’t adequate.

  • Upgrading Existing Appliances: Upgrading to more powerful appliances may require larger or additional gas lines to meet higher fuel demands.

  • House Remodeling or Expansion: During major home renovations or when adding new sections to a home, new gas lines may be necessary to extend service to different parts of the property.

  • Replacing Old or Unsafe Lines: Older gas lines may be made of materials that degrade over time, like certain metals or plastics, leading to leaks. Replacing these with newer, safer materials can improve safety and efficiency.

  • Availability of Natural Gas: In areas where natural gas has become newly available, homeowners might install a new gas line to switch from other fuels (like oil or propane) to natural gas, which might be cheaper or more efficient.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Building codes and regulations might require upgrades or changes to existing gas lines, especially when the codes are updated to improve safety standards.

  • Gas Line Inspection: Performing detailed inspections of gas lines, connections, and appliances to ensure they are in good condition and leak-free.

  • Gas Leak Detection: Utilizing advanced equipment to detect and locate leaks in gas lines, ensuring the safety of the household.

  • Seasonal Maintenance: Conducting regular check-ups to ensure gas appliances and lines are ready for seasonal use, particularly heating systems in winter.

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